Current projects

Testing digitally targeted incentives for malaria case management

I investigate the impact of targeted subsidies for malaria rapid diagnostic testing (RDT) and treatment at the point of sale on demand, sales and stocking decisions, and patient health outcomes using a novel digital platform in Kenya in a cluster-randomized control trial. Following prior work on the impact of subsidies for RDTs that finds that incentives increase testing but do not improve medication targeting, I test whether subsidies targeted to pharmacists or patients through a digital platform will increase diagnostic testing and improve medication targeting. This project has received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID, and is in pilot stages.

Extreme weather, parental investments, and child health in Madagascar

Using panel microdata on household inputs and child health outcomes and high-resolution gridded climate data from Madagascar, I investigate how weather-induced income shocks affect parental investments and child nutrition and cognition outcomes. In particular, I explore the link between maternal depression and child investment decisions at critical developmental stages.